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Liquid Screed

Island Aggregates Limited have been at the forefront of liquid screed technology on the Isle of Man since 2012. Produced using a synthetic anhydrite binder supplied to us by Gyvlon Environmental Screed Solutions, this flowing screed has many unique benefits over cement screeds. The most obvious difference is its fluid application compared to semi dry cement screeds, but Gyvlon also offers, higher compressive and flexural strength, lower shrinkage, eliminates reinforcement, improves surface finish and greatly improves underfloor heating performance.

This enhanced performance is achieved by providing a higher thermal conductivity material and reduced screed thickness (typically 50mm), greatly improving the heat performance and reaction times of the screed. New in 2014 and available on the Island, Gyvlon’s THERMIO+ technology enables even an even thinner screed section to be achieved, with only 20mm cover to under floor heating pipes. The thermal image opposite illustrates the improved performance of a 36mm Thermio screed on the right, compared to 75mm of sand/cement on the left. Both screeds are laid over identical insulation and UFH systems and both received a flow temperature of 36 degrees.

To download the Gyvlon General Information Pack, please click here

For a datasheet on our new Thermio+ screeds please click here