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Head Office

  • Stephen Smyth
    Stephen Smyth
    Position: General Manager

    Tel: 07624 398191
  • Stephanie McDonald
    Stephanie McDonald
    Position: Internal Sales / Sales Administrator

    Tel: 01624 651962
  • Mark Cheung
    Mark Cheung
    Position: Credit Control / Payroll

    Tel: 01624 651967
  • Gill Cairney
    Gill Cairney
    Position: Purchase Ledger Administrator

    Tel: 01624 651963
  • Caroline Gorman
    Caroline Gorman
    Position: Dispatch Controller

    Tel: 01624 651966
  • Adam Kearsley
    Adam Kearsley
    Position: Health, Safety and Environment officer

    Tel: 07624 459925
  • Andy Frankland-Davies
    Andy Frankland-Davies
    Position: Sales Manager

    Tel: 07624 494062

    Email: afranklanddavies@islandaggregates.com
  • Technical Department

    • Simon Clarke
      Simon Clarke
      Position: Technical Manager

      Tel: 07624 492236
    • Ben Williams
      Ben Williams
      Position: Technician / Concrete Pump Operator
    • Billy Blair
      Billy Blair
      Position: Laboratory Technician
    • Operations Department

      • Jack Walton
        Jack Walton
        Position: Operations Manager

        Tel: 07624 481164
      • Allan Mdghall
        Allan Mdghall
        Position: Concrete Operations Supervisor
      • Point Of Ayre Quarry

        • Rob Beck
          Rob Beck
          Position: Despatch Co-ordinator

          Tel: 01624 880220
        • Adrian Skillan
          Adrian Skillan
          Position: Plant Foreman
        • Steve Mellor
          Steve Mellor
          Position: Mobile Plant Operator
        • Peter Kelly
          Peter Kelly
          Position: Mobile Plant Operator
        • Andrew Skillan
          Andrew Skillan
          Position: Mobile plant operator
        • Kevin Skillicorn
          Kevin Skillicorn
          Position: Relief Driver
        • Santon Concrete Depot

          • MIckey Corlett
            MIckey Corlett
            Position: Plant Foreman
          • Angel Zafirov
            Angel Zafirov
            Position: Production Foreman - Concrete Blocks
          • Kyle Moore
            Kyle Moore
            Position: Block Deliveries
          • Jurby Concrete Depot

            • Neil Crowe
              Neil Crowe
              Position: Site Foreman
            • Drivers

              • Brian Kneale
                Brian Kneale
                Position: Loading Shovel / HGV Driver
              • Colin Christie
                Colin Christie
                Position: HGV Driver / Plant Operator
              • Brian Corlett
                Brian Corlett
                Position: HGV Driver
              • Lewis Reid
                Lewis Reid
                Position: HGV Driver
              • Lee Williams
                Lee Williams
                Position: HGV Driver
              • Eric Moffat
                Eric Moffat
                Position: HGV Driver
              • Tony Sutton
                Tony Sutton
                Position: Cement Tanker Driver